Our core team

Alvin Arthur


"From UX design to choreography, I wear the double cap of embodied e-learning designer and  creative director."

Lex van der Steen


"Art teacher, philosopher and breakdancer with knowledge on various media, my intention is to make sure youngsters understand why they do what they do."

Shirley Gonzalez Asensio


"Student, designer and dancer at heart, I’m here to learn and explore. I’m in charge of social media, and I make some other moves. My motto : Stay curious! "

They trust us


The story

Move your body and create the world

As educators we saw how creativity is powerful when we learn by moving our bodies. As much as we knew programming is a top skill to have in tomorrow’s world, we experienced how frustrating it is to learn it, especially at a young age when the body just asks for movement. As our founder Alvin Arthur says :

“We believe humans need to move in order to engage, play and create”,

therefore we decided to merge the worlds of programming and dance for the youth that likes to move to learn to create the world around them in an embodied way.
Partnering with MU hybrid art space and their De Creatieve Code initiative, we managed to create courses for 4 years old and up, demystifying the abstraction of coding, giving them the space to move while increasing trust in their learning abilities.
Today we belong to the Body.coding movement and keep on developing courses. Our new baby is Body.scratch, a bodily way to get introduced to coding based on the work of the open source Scratch community.

Embodied Learning culture

Learn in play, collaboration, health & creativity

Contributing to creating a society where people are more connected to their body while learning is the key to self & collective fulfillment. Practicing cohesion between body and mind is major in the world we create. The more nations with a strong movement & dance culture rise, the more these new practices are needed in our lives, and this starts in the classroom!

A great way onsite schooling can reinvent itself is by utilizing the leverage of digital learning in combination with bodily intelligence. By improving the quality of the student’s embodied learning experience, school becomes a phygital* space for bodily encouraged interactions whether it involves technology or not. A place where socio-cultural understanding can be shared on such creative level than mental bound computing cannot replace.

In fact, the paradigm of screens is not the most relevant regarding bodily health, mental health and development of early childhood social cues. Although this “flat bright surface” is the most used for learning nowadays in a globalizing visual society, the pace in which technology advances will end it to favor XR* based learning experiences, once the technology will be affordable enough to a critical mass of people. Despite all these changes, the body remains, with its capacity to relearn the tools together with the mind. Balancing screen time for children is today a choice that could improve reading human emotions, develop motoric capabilities, feel confident in one's body and reduce daily mental load by cutting-off stimuli overload.

*phygital : simultaneously physical and digital

*XR : eXpanded Reality, the compound field of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

The pedagogic values we live by

Move firstly

We believe moving the body is key in the paths of collaboration, synchronicity and self-growth.
We empower the whole community through creating from movement.

Learn playfully

Play is the base for constructive and long lasting learning.
Let’s have some fun together!

Fail beautifully

Too many times we don’t value failure and take it as bad. Failure is growth, it is important and beautiful to learn from it. We embrace failure and share it so everyone takes advantage of it.