Create and program Art, Games & Animations
with Scratch while using movement/dance
to creatively learn the basic concepts of programming.

During 3 daily sessions, participants from 8-16 years old will:

🎯 Get introduced to the basics of programming (what it is, how is work, why it is valuable for now and the future)

🎯 Dive into visual programming using Body.scratch language to apply computer science concepts (demystifying commands, functions, loops algorithms, and more)

🎯 Autonomously and collaboratively explore their own way of understanding these concepts (choosing or inventing dance moves that translate these concepts)

🎯 Articulate verbally and bodily their process to others

Some practicalities

🇬🇧 🇳🇱

The Bootcamp will be held in English and Dutch.
Our team also speaks fluent French and Spanish.


10.00-14.00, daily

Thursday July 29th,
Friday July 30th,
Saturday July 31st,

Doors open at 09.45
at Dynamo, Eindhoven


No prior experience in programming or movement/dance is required!


Together with Stichting Leergeld Eindhoven, we offer tickets to take part in our Summer Bootcamp. A limited number of tickets are being offered to participants from low-income families, feel free to reach out to us to apply.


There are DUO tickets (for 2 participants) and SOLO tickets!


Each participant who completes the bootcamp will receive a Body.scratch certificate of achievement and a tech BONUS!

🌮 We will provide water and snacks, although we ask all participants to bring their lunch daily along with their own cups and utensils.

🔁 As a minimum of 10 students is required to offer this camp, all subscribers will be notified 3 days prior if the camp is cancelled and a full refund will be provided.

🎬 By purchasing a ticket to join the bootcamp you agree that video/photo material will be done and used by Body.scratch for pedagogic research and development purpose as as well as communication on social media to share insights to our online audience and schools.

✅ Regarding health and safety precautions :
• Participants will be regularly reminded to keep a safe distance.
• Most of the activities will be done in pairs, so participants that are from the same household or that regularly see each other remain together. This is why we made DUO tickets!
• Participants will be required to wash their hands when they arrive and hand sanitizer will be available.
• Participants are encouraged to wear masks whenever they would like to.
• Every morning, our team will measure each participants temperature with a contactless thermometer. In the case their temperature exceeds 38° Celsius, they will be asked to return home.


They trust us

Summer Bootcamp — F.A.Q.

What makes Body.scratch different from other youth coding courses and platforms?

We believe it is essential to learn how to interact healthfully, playfully and creatively with technology from an early age.
A central notion in our pedagogic process is integrating the body in the learning process. Very often, screen-based interactions and curriculums omit to take body memory and motoric development into account, resulting in having deficiency in the learning capabilities of children. Being productive and efficient do not work in the long run with unhealthy habits. Children find joy and meaning in being able to move while learning. And let's be real, we know how cool it is to drop some slick moves with friends!

Which computer languages do you teach?

We base our workshops on Scratch, which is very accessible for children already. Google for instance uses Scratch to evaluate the basic understanding of computer science concepts of anyone who applies for a job in this field. This is our current focus. In a near future we will be developing formats for other languages.

What will be the final restitution of the Summer Bootcamp?

Altogether the participants will body.code a game that they can take home and keep on improving!

My child has no experience with code or dancing. Are these courses good for beginners?

Fantastic! It is much easier to start on a clean sheet with no “bad habits” integrated already. No experience in coding or dancing is required, we make sure to manage a suitable amount of students so we can be present with them every time they need support.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring clothes to move, good socks and most importantly, a good spirit! ;)

Can I join only one day or two?

Unfortunately we want the participants to commit to the 3 sessions of the bootcamp. For shorter formats we have Discovery sessions that are regularly available here.

Why is the age group 8-16?

8 to 16 years old seems like a large age group, especially for pace and complexity or learning. Nevertheless our experience showed us that mixed age group have great benefits, some of which are:
• IDENTITY — during this age, kids and youngsters define their identity which we believe is a good time to allow them to express themselves in their learning and share it to others
• COMPLEMENTARITY — younger kids can ask the most relevant questions for a learning process since they have less fear for that. Youngsters can help/mentor younger kids understand things in a different way, it gives them a sense of responsibility.
• ACCURACY — by doing so, we don't adapt our content depending on age but rather depending on how the group learns better together.

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel last minute?

It is definitely possible to obtain a full refund up to 3 days prior the start of the event . Pass this date, there is no refund applicable.