Move your world from Scratch!

Body.scratch is a method for your pupils/students from 8-16 to bodily engage, play & create games, animations and art.

You might have already heard of or even used Scratch. We give it a lively twist so the mind and body work in synergy, offering a more beneficial cognitive learning experience.

Learners gain valuable technical skills for today and tomorrow while sparking their creative, logic, cooperative and motoric abilities!

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We make the youth explore playfully,
healthfully and collaboratively
with creative technology

" Oh my god, my son is smiling! "

Jasmine, parent — Discovery

" Everything was fun, there was just nothing that wasn't fun! "

Noa, 9 — Bootcamp (BSSBC 2021)

" This is epic! They are totally into it! "

Ramona, teacher @De Boschuil — Bootcamp

" If I had learned dancing like this I would have danced more! "

Kees, 18, ICT student @Fontys — Bootcamp

" Oohh..! So, if it is with Python and I do this [move] it's like Body.python now. "

Niklas, 12, pupil — Discovery

They trust us




What makes Body.scratch different from other youth coding courses and platforms?

We believe it is essential to learn how to interact healthfully, playfully and creatively with technology from an early age.
A central notion in our method is integrating the body in the learning process. Very often, screen-based interactions and curriculums omit to take body memory and motoric development into account, resulting in having deficiency in the learning capabilities of children. Being productive and efficient does not work in the long run with unhealthy habits. Children find joy and meaning in being able to move while learning. And let's be real, we know how cool it is to drop some slick moves with friends!

Which coding languages do you teach?

We base our workshops on Scratch, which is very accessible for children already. This is our current focus. In a near future we will be developing formats for other languages.

What is the final result of a gaming session?

Depending on which session and age group, the final outcome may vary. There is a First Time Mode to learn the gameplay basics. You can then access the Play Mode to build animations, games and stories freely. Check out our weekly challenges to always discover new ways fo bodyscratching.

My students have no experience with code or dancing. Are these courses good for beginners?

Fantastic! It is much easier to start on a clean sheet with no “bad habits” integrated already. No experience in coding or dancing is required, our tools guide the players every time they need support.

Are these courses online or on site?

We are an online immersive game provide that teachers can bring into their schools, foundations or other organizations. Our game is online, but the gameplay happens on site, in the classroom!

Can I try it for free?

Yes. Book a free demo via this link and you are good to go.

What do you charge for your service?

You can find your plan via this link here. You can always first book a free demo via this link to check if it is a fit for you.